So, what exactly does that mean? Well, its Latin and translates as “STRONGER TOGETHER” which for us perfectly sums up the approach of those for whom IRON is a way of life.

The IRON game, in whichever form it takes, is for us is more than just lifting heavy bits of metal, it is about providing that balance both physically and mentally. The physical effort can bring change not only to the body but to the mind, who doesn't feel good blocking out the rest of the world, ripping through a session with laser like focus and walking away feeling just tip top?

The IRON is a particular passion and with many years of training personally under our belts, we share that passion with all those that put the shift in whether new to the world of IRON or seasoned veterans.

We salute the hard work and dedication to the craft both physical and mental in whatever form training takes. We celebrate IRON culture, the heritage and the legends that are Arnold, Frank and Dorian through to today’s modern icons of Kai, Sergi, Hafþór and Matt.

Embracing all disciplines of IRON from body building, powerlifting and functional fitness, we bring garments with that extra attitude that distinguishes us from the average, from the lycra clad clones and from those that feel a good workout is achieved by sitting on a stationary bike scrolling through their social feeds.

We’re here to WORK. We’re here to UNITE. We’re here to ACHIEVE.


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