Road to the Arnold

In October of 2021 something pretty special is coming to the UK. The Arnold Sports Festival will be gracing the NEC in Birmingham from the 1-3 October for the first time and its an opportunity not to be missed for many thousands of iron addicts around the country and indeed beyond so we thought it was only right that we took the plunge and invested in some exhibition space for United In Iron.

This is a huge investment from us in many ways. As a brand associated with strength sports from bodybuilding and powerlifting to MMA and strongman it makes sense to us to be involved alongside many of the other fantastic established household brands also exhibiting. We didn't want to look back on the chance to be involved and regret that we didn't grab the bull by the horns, so here we go.

So this post marks the first of many cataloguing a 6 month journey a challenger brand like ours makes to get prepared to exhibit at a major global sports festival like the Arnold. Come along for the ride!


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